Tracer Tests

To gain a better knowledge about the flow pathes around Bath & Spa Bad Schinznach extensive tracer tests have been conducted and evaluated. Six new exploration and piezometric wells, up to 100 m depth, have been drilled. Earlier tracer tests between the production and the injection well show that the flow velocities of groundwater are very high.

Installation of fluorometer in new well.

Thermal Response Test

Until recently we conducted our thermal response tests (TRT) with third party support. Now we aquired our own TRT device. This tool allows us to measure the effective heat conductivity of the rock formation and the cementation in a borehole heat exchanger. In addition we offer enhanced thermal response tests, based on fiber optic temperature sensing for detailed and continuous temperature and heat conductivity profiles.

Drilling next door.

This fact would not deserve a head line if it wasn’t in the historic center of our town Liestal. It demonstrates that borehole heat exchangers are not only a heating source for individual family homes, but become the most economic solution in the energetic upgrading of building stocks. We are engineering the appropriate systems for seasonal surplus heat storage and heating in all types of geological settings.

Drilling borehole heat exchangers in the historic center of Liestal

Office excursion.

This years in-house training on the subject hydropower took place appropriately on the river Reuss.

May-August 3013
Tracer test Bad Schinznach.

To monitor and safeguard the thermal water resources of Bad Schinznach, GEL performed and evaluated several tracer tests on the grounds of the Schinznach health resort. The tests yielded important new insights about the hydraulic conditions between the thermal spring and the wells S2 und S3.

28. Juni 3013
Microseismic monitoring services in geothermal well Schlattingen 1



For the Swiss Seismological Service GEL installed and operated a downhole geophon in geothermal well Schlattingen 1. The purpose was to monitor potential seismic activity during a chemical stimulation in well Schlattingen 2. The geophone was operated succesfully over the required period of two month.

1. January 2013
Switzerland is rich in natural energy resources

In its end of year issue the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung published Markus Häring's view on the energy resources of Switzerland. (download pdf [936KB])

17. August 2012
Cooling wanted?

Have you noticed these days how much power we use to cool down our buildings? What about storing this excess heat and use it for heating in the winter?
This can be done by massive subsurface heat storage, a well proven method, for which GEL is your planning and engineering partner. A further contribution of GEL to a sustainable energy future.
GEL assisted the Campus Novartis heat storage project from the start and was responsible for the geological supervision.

Drilling of the heat storage wells at Campus Novartis, Basel (left) and modelling of thermal effects in groundwater (right)

01. Mai 2012
New name - new address

More Matter for a May Morning (Shakespeare).
On May 2nd we moved to our new office at Wasserturmplatz 1, CH-4410 Liestal, Switzerland.
In the same move we trimed our name. We did not abandone anything, we just aligned to our grown portfolio: Geothermal Explorers Ltd became Geo Explorers Ltd.
Energy resources are key to the 21st century. The development of deep geothermal resources will remain a main pillar. Exploration for and management of other subsurface resources like water and gas are however fields in which we are active already for years and which have expanded considerably.
In the first place we imply growth and change with quality. In this spirit we are looking forward to serve you as from the 2nd of May with our new name but the same dedicated team from our new address.
Find our old and new coordinates on the page "contact".